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Our Blue Aspis lenses set in a gorgeous frame. Lightweight, sturdy, and characterized by a contemporary design, this frame is for those who want to get away from the traditional all-black look. With deeper lenses for greater coverage and protection.


The front of the frame has a gradient dark black color which progresses into clear at the bottom, while the arms are shiny black. Spring hinges give you the comfort you require. Universal nose bridge construction for fit and comfort.




Size: 50-21-140



    The most effective blue light blocking lenses in the market. Blue Aspis lenses block over 90% of blue light and 100% UV light. 


    CEF (Color Enhancing Filters) create a realistic visual field without the typical color distortion that characterize typical and prevalent amber lenses.


    With scratch resistant layers on the front of the lenses and anti-reflective layers on the back, Blue Aspis lenses have those extra ingredients that give them extra value and longevity.

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