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For Progressive prescriptions.


Available option for only $80.00: Photochromic or Transitional! The lenses automatically darken outdoors for extra protection and enhanced vision. Indoors, they revert to their original clear state.

FREE clip-on frame

FREE shipping in the US.



    Advanced optical technology, for electronic devices including computers, TVs, and mobile devices.


    Effectively blocks over 90 percent of blue light keeping your eyes protected. 


    Color Enhanced Filters (CEF) make these lenses excellent for Gaming!  


    We require your updated prescription including your PD measurement and Segment Height. We will ship the frame upon receipt of your order so you can take it to your optician for the Segment Height measurement.


    30-day warranty is not applicable. We will re-make the lenses if your prescription is not exactly produced by our lab.


    Allow 2-3 weeks for completion.


    FREE shipping in the US.

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