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Progressive lenses for people who spend serious time in their vehicles, and out.

Intelligent Cruisewear lenses automatically adjust to weather and lighting conditions giving you superior accuity.

Prescriptions made by state-of-the-art lab.

FREE shipping.

Allow 3-4 weeks for completion.


You can choose one of our frames, or you can send us your frame.

Send your frame to:

Blue Shark Optics
7143 State Road 54
Suite 217
New Port Richey, FL 34653



    Step into an elite class with our Cruisewear customized with your Progressive vision prescription. It is truly a work of art!


    We recommend that you use your own frame to assure complete satisfaction with fit and style. 


    For Progressive prescriptions, we will need your current prescription script, your PD measurement, your Segment Height measurement, and your frame. Please consult with your optician regarding the suitability of your prescription to a particular frame. 


    Allow 3-4 weeks for completion.


    FREE shipping in the US.


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