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KIDS Blue Aspis

Presenting an assortment of colors and styles for the young ones. All recent data indicates that childrens' exposure to electronic devices is on the increase. These devices include televisions, computer screens, tablets, and cells. 


Our newly developed Blue Aspis lenses stop over 90 percent of the harmful blue light and 100 percent of the UV light that emanate from light sources.


To order a particular model, select it from the drop-down menu on the right. The model numbers are listed in the frame selection page.

KIDS Blue Aspis

SKU: KD503

    Very lightweight frames for kids. Colorful and sturdy, they come with the latest and most effective computer lenses in the market.


    Blue Aspis lenses stop 100 percent of harmful UV light and over 90 percent of blue light.


    If they spend more than 3 hours per day in front of an electronic device, they are succeptible to Computer Vision Syndrome which includes:




    Red Eyes

    Blurry vision

    Macular degeneration


    Blue Aspis lenses block over 90 percent of the harmful blue light.


    Each model comes with a protective case and a cleaning cloth.


    FREE shipping in the US. (Note: USPS International Shipping service has been seriously impeded. It may take up to a month to arrive. Please contact us for shipping options with UPS/Fedex).




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